Romanian Association of the Wood Industry – Prolemn

We promote the sustainable use of wood in various industrial applications.

Romanian Association of the Wood Industry – Prolemn is a non-governmental, apolitical, and non-profit organization.

We promote the use of wood from sustainably managed forests in various industrial applications.

We represent the legitimate interests of wood-based industries in their relations with institutions and
organizations at national and international level.

Who are the founding members of the Association?

Which companies are part of the Association?

How long is the President’s term of office?

How many members are there?

How many Romanian majority-owned companies are in the association?

How many total employees do the members of the Association have?

What is the total turnover of the members of the Association?

What is the total amount of annual contributions paid to the State budget by the Member companies?

Is the Association open to any forestry company, including the small ones?