The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized on January 31st a joint meeting of the thematic groups for financing and payments through the National Strategic Program.

93 organizations took part, almost all representing the agriculture sector. Only a few of the organizations represented the forestry sector – AIL – Prolemn, Nostra Silva, AAP, ASFOR, INCDS “Marin Drăcea”.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Agriculture presented updates on the measures for environment and climate (Pillar II of PNS) and eco-schemes (Pillar I of PNS).

In a preliminary information, Minister Adrian Chesnoiu pointed out that, during a consultation with the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, it was agreed to give up the financing of a first afforestation measure within PNS, given the extended financing of this measure in PNRR. A financing measure has been proposed for equipment (Investments in forest technologies that improve the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems), with a proposed allocation of EUR 35 million.

Sector opinion: allocations are ridiculous

Several participants highlighted the derisory level of allocations for the forest-timber sector and the absence of important components of the National Strategic Plan, expected by organizations of both employers and professionals in the sector, as well as the environmental NGOs.

Thus, Radu Melu (WWF) pointed out that the allocation for the forestry sector is ridiculous. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary to include a financing measure for Natura 2000 sites. In order to protect the approximately 500,000 ha of forested pastures, the forest environment measure sheet needs to be extended to include a measure to support agro-pastoral systems.

The priorities for the forestry sector were identified through extended dialogue between organizations, under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment. These proposals have been submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture since last year, but they have been ignored. Funding for the forestry sector is ridiculous. A measure for Natura 2000 sites is needed, the financing of the forestry measure must be updated to the current value of the average price of timber, but investment measures are also needed on the accessibility of the forest fund, infrastructure for storage and sorting of timber, technologies exploitation.
Cătălin Tobescu

Nostra Silva / Prolemn

Ciprian Musca (ASFOR) stressed the need to renew logging technology for important environmental benefits (protection of biodiversity, soil and water, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions). The President of ASFOR supported the extension of the financing measure for forestry machinery and technology to allow access to financing for both large and small companies.

Daniel Nicolaescu (INCDS “Marin Drăcea”) pointed out that the only source of financing for the forestry sector is found in the National Strategic Plan, and the financing of the forestry sector must be correct. These activities are an essential component for the rural area, which does not have many alternatives for economic and social development.